A Soldier Prizes Speed
A Soldier Prizes Speed

Victory Conditions

Defeat 500 enemies within the time limit.

Failure Conditions

Failed to defeat 500 enemies within the time limit.

Client Commanding Officer - Courtyard
Size 1 Player
Objective Defeat 500 enemies within the time limit.
Repeatable Yes
Reward 200 gold
1 Distribution
2 Military


You have 15 minutes to defeat 500 enemies. The faster you perform, the higher your grade. Each skirmish is broken down into 5 encounters:

  1. You start at 1 on the map, where you must defeat 150 spear users.
  2. Once they are defeated, move toward 2 on the map where you must defeat 50 archers.
  3. Cross the bridge south, defeat 100 spear users.
  4. Travel west and defeat another 50 archers.
  5. Return over the bridge, to point 5 and defeat the Drill Sergeant and the remaining 150 enemies.

Upon the defeat of the 500th enemy, the battle will end successfully.